Top 8 Fatigue Fighting Foods

Top 8 Fatigue Fighting Foods

By Dr. Sofiya

Let’s face it: Between crazy working hours, childcare responsibilities and just a generally hectic schedule, most adults simply do not get enough shut-eye from day to day and this in turn can lead to a chronic feeling of tiredness. There is a good reason why coffee shops and energy drink manufacturers are so successful at marketing their products! Fatigue is just a big problem nowadays. It might not be fatal, but it can make everyday tasks of living a lot more difficult and can also increase the chances of an accident due to inattention or “mental fog” which are frequent side effects of being tired. However, before reaching for that espresso or energy drink, take a moment to read about some incredibly healthy foods that also are able to fight fatigue and give energy levels a badly needed boost! The top 8 fatigue-fighting foods are listed below!

Top 8 Fatigue Fighting Foods


Munching on these little superfoods can help with mid-morning “blahs” or a late afternoon energy slump. This is because their combination of plant-based protein and healthy fat can help stabilize the blood sugar, a major culprit in energy crashes.


The omega-3 fatty acids in salmon (and other fatty fish like tuna or haddock) support the health of the brain and nerve cells and can reduce the “mental fog”, lack of concentration or other cognitive problems that can be caused by fatigue.

Citrus fruits

Oranges, grapefruits and other citrus fruits make an excellent energy-boosting snack. Their high levels of vitamin C increase the amount of oxygen circulating in the brain and can leave the eater feeling refreshed and energetic.


Among avocados’ many other nutrients, they contain a wealth of B-complex vitamins. These vitamins are vital for healthy energy levels, so adding some to the morning omelet or lunchtime salad can help boost energy throughout the day.


Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and the like are great for energy levels: They do have a little sugar in them to pep someone up, but also have plenty of fiber to prevent an energy crash later on. Also, their antioxidants keep the whole body running smoothly and this can also fight fatigue.


Like berries, dates contain sugar to help boost sagging energy levels. They are also fiber-rich and can actually help to stabilize the blood sugars and keep them from spiking or dropping, so that energy remains at a healthy level throughout the day.


Now there’s another reason to love everybody’s favorite picnic food: Watermelons are not only delicious, but their combination of B vitamins and potassium can boost energy and keep it up naturally without any sugar crashes afterwards!


Broccoli is a great way to maintain a good level of energy throughout the day because it is a great source of chromium. Chromium itself is an important mineral which regulates how the body maintains its blood sugar levels and it help prevent the drops in blood sugar that can leave someone so tired.

So for the next trip to the grocery store, consider filling the cart with some of the foods mentioned above instead of coffee and energy drinks. Not only are they cheaper and healthier, they also give a natural, sustained boost to energy levels that will keep on throughout the day!




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Top 8 Fatigue Fighting Foods

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